Roving Rogue

You killed the Final Boss. Cool. Gratz. And now… what?

All stories have a beginning and an end ... but Roving Rogue starts by its ending, and your mission will consist in finding the beginning.
Play as Kurt, a short rogue with the skill to teletransport himself in the short distance and an inclination to lose his short-term memory.

Jumping against the clock, you will have to fight tank knights, Goblin archers, obsessed ghosts, demented wizards and other evil forces to get out of the crumbling castle and find your way back to… err… to wherever you came from.

  • 42 frantic levels, packed with enemies of all sorts
  • An intricate story told backwards, full of twists and turns
  • A pixelated homage to your all-time favourite Golden Age classics
  • Simple yet deep mechanics and interaction

Is there life at all after you beat the Final Boss?

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