90Blox: Addictive Rotating Block Retro Puzzle HD

Do you fancy the good-old-days challenging games?

90Blox is a brains queeze puzzle game with two simple premises: turn and shoot! Fully loaded with old-school pixel graphics, 90Blox will challenge your spatial intelligence pushing you over the edge of your abilities.

Classic Mode is the best way to enjoy puzzle time. Quick playing in bus; long playing in sofa; improve your skill; discover new strategies…Dedicated for those who enjoy getting better every level and breaking records. Special reward for those pros that beat Level 9.

Time Trial. New champion wanted to beat the chrono, make comblox at time!!! With a minimalist 8-bits old-school style, the chrono defiance is implacable. A special challenge thought for those brave players with steel nerves. No suitable for scatter-brained players.

90Blox Free available on the App Store 90Blox available on the App Store
Available for iOS 4.0 or higher.

Easy to play, hard to master

Special features for Retrogamers

Think fast! And good luck!

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